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Parade Plastics® trays come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose the round, high profile seafood tray, the heavy duty 18''X 26'' bun tray, or one of several types of compartment trays—no matter the circumstance, our trays will help you display your food beautifully and serve your customers reliably.

All of the traditional, comfort grip, and display trays benefit from a special molding process that makes Parade Plastics® trays less prone to distortion, providing one of the flattest trays in the industry. Our compartment trays use an optional ABS polymer that dries quickly and is more durable compared to polypropylene. Our FDA-approved trays are dishwasher safe, have a temperature tolerance from 0-180 degrees Fahrenheit, and are BPA-free.


Traditional Trays

Sizes:    10'' X 14''    /    12'' X 16''    /    14'' X 18''    /    15'' X 20''

Colors: Midnight Blue, Chocolate Brown, Beige, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, White, Black, Grey


Compartment Trays

Sizes:    8.75'' X 15''    /    10'' X 15''

Colors: Blue, Beige, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red


Comfort Grip Trays

Sizes:    10'' X 15''    /    12'' X 17''    /    14'' X 19''

Colors: Midnight Blue, Chocolate Brown, Beige, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, White, Black, Grey


Display and Bun Trays

Available with smooth or textured tray surface.

Sizes:    9'' X 26'' X 1''    /    13'' X 18'' X 1''    /    18'' X 26'' X 1''

Colors: Yellow, White, Black


Seafood Trays

Size: 13.5'' Diameter, 1.375'' Deep

Colors: White, Black